Our products are always good, thanks to daily machine board round

We check every day that everything is running - so that you get the best result.

Quality points, defects, and the progress of the past 24 hours on each individual production line - these are our topics at the daily machine board round that our machine operators conduct and which helps us to ensure that our products remain truly Immergut.


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Less CO2 consumption at Immergut!

Avoid, reduce and compensate - with this motto we have managed to achieve our sustainability goal for 2021, namely to be CO2 neutral. 

With the help of our partner @climatepartner, we have managed to save 3,243,000kg of CO2 and have supported carbon offset projects in India and Brazil, which are committed to the construction of wind energy and the…

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Team introduction human resources department - Katharina Voss

Today, we would like to introduce a special woman in our team; Katharina Voss started ten years ago as a personnel administrator at Immergut and worked her way up to personnel officer and personnel manager within a very short time.

We are proud to have so many female colleagues on board in our management positions as well!


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Welcome to our showroom!

Set up as a space for tasting and presenting our various products, as a source of inspiration and impetus for customers, our showroom is a place where our customers can experience packaging and product concepts live and hands-on.


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Immergut is dancing

Today we take you to our annual summer party, which this year became an Oktoberfest. 

And since it could not take place last year due to corona, this year it went off twice.
Even our factory premises celebrated with us and shone in bright colors.

Thanks to all for the great afternoon and evening!

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