Immergut packaging

Several requirements are placed on a packaging, but not every packaging can meet them. In addition to an attractive visual design, it is also important how well it performs in different situations. It's good when you can rely on real professionals for such a tricky decision-making process: We know what a package needs in order to show its contents to their best advantage. 

The following applies to us: The ideal packaging

  • protects the contents,
  • is practical for consumers,
  • is informative and contemporary in design
  • and environmentally friendly.

Our solutions for your products:

Cardboard and soft packaging

Carton packaging protects its contents safely from air and light, which preserves the high quality of the contents and allows storage outside the refrigerator. This is ideal for viscous foods and non-carbonated beverages such as milk, sauces, fruit pulp and soups. There are four printable sides and different closure types (listed below), packaging options and sizes - offering maximum design freedom. And the end customers enjoy practical transport, storage and handling.


Wedge 180ml
SIG 350ml Combibloc
SIG 345ml Combifit
SIG 250ml Combibloc
SIG 250ml Combifit
SIG 200ml Combifit
SIG 150ml Combibloc
PrismaEdge 250ml PPH
PrismaEdge 250ml Dreamcap
PrismaEdge 200ml PPH
PrismaEdge 200ml Dreamcap
Prisma 330ml
Prisma 250ml
Prisma 200ml
Edge 1000ml
Edge 500ml
Edge 250ml
Edge Straw 250ml
Edge 200ml
Edge Straw 200ml

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