The company

By experience: Immergut

More than 125 successful years of hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship are already behind us. We have survived two world wars and brought together the two companies and brands Immergut Ost and Immergut West, which were created independently of each other.

Today we are a reliable partner of industry and trade - nationally and internationally.

About us

  • 175 employees at the Schlüchtern location
  • We train young people to become capable employees
  • We process 60 million kilograms of milk per year and use over 1,500 raw materials
  • We have over 500 different articles with about 450 recipes in our portfolio
  • With over 80% export share in EU and worldwide with an output of 200 million units
  • Highest priority: perfect product quality with maximum economy

We train

  • A total of 9 training occupations in the commercial and industrial sector
  • We provide training with the aim of taking on trainees - high job security through our strong company
  • With us the trainees learn and work at eye level, integration of trainees in the daily business
  • National trainee exchange within the group