Oat drinks are always good!

Why do we like to use oats in our drinks? Oats contain fiber that fills you up and stimulates digestion. And the grain has even more plus points: it is regionally sourced, vegan and especially delicious as an oat drink.

Do you prefer to drink milk or oat drinks?

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Communication is the key to success

Here you can see our plant manager Dirk Denhard, deputy production manager Thomas Knauf and laboratory manager Christine Schildt during our morning round.

At this daily meeting, all department heads from the laboratory, production, technology, plant management, logistics, quality management and product development come together to discuss…

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7 companies, 1 goal, your future

We and six other companies from Schlüchtern and Steinau are part of this year's Night of Training. You want to get a taste of the job of an industrial clerk, dairy technologist, laboratory technician or machine and plant operator? Then you've come to the right place!

In addition to a cool competition, numerous hands-on activities await you. There…

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