Brands promise consistent, outstanding quality and - in our case - the ability to buy the taste that our customers love so much. It is easy for us to keep exactly these promises. Let yourself be seduced by our versatile assortment.

Each one is delicious, each one is Immergut!


The milk classics: top quality since 1883

Milk of the highest quality has a name: Immergut. Generations have been growing up with our milk products for generations - and not just since yesterday. They stand on the breakfast table, accompany you to school and round off the coffee. The range has grown over time - the quality requirements have remained high. Everything for your enjoyment.


Diverse and conscious drinking pleasure

Experience the fullest taste on the way? No problem! Try our delicious Drinkfit milk drinks. Practically packaged in carton, with many types of milk, milk mix, yoghurt, even iced tea, they are perfect for on the go and won't let you get bored. Young and old enjoy selected ingredients in gentle preparation. Simply good.


Delicious dessert pleasure

Behind this sweet name are dessert sauces with the highest nibbling seduction arts. Because they refine almost every dessert and persuade even the most hardened to sweet sin. A practical resealable carton ensures an ideal dosage and makes the sauces last longer. However, your resistance is needed for this.


Strengthening in every break

Our body needs to recharge its batteries in time - but there is not always time for a breakfast rich in fibre and protein or a "breaktime snack". PRO-FIT is just right for this - 20g of protein, the best sources of fibre and all this conveniently packaged to take away. So the day can come.