Welcome to Hesse's number 1 bottler: Immergut

Highly digitalized, latest technologies, sustainable, fair - from the beginning we are prepared for further development. Starting out as a dairy, today we bring our customers' ideas to the market and accompany the entire process from development to packaging.

We not only have the necessary manpower, but also years of experience, the most modern plants in Europe, really good business relations and access to top quality resources.

As a responsible partner, we know that only those who operate in harmony with the needs of the environment, employees, suppliers and customers can be immergut. This is not always easy, but it is our way.


  • in product development
  • in process control
  • in the procurement of raw materials


  • with IFS certification
  • with HACCP standards
  • with BIO certification
  • with continuous reflected customer orientation


  • through team-oriented work
  • through short decision-making paths and flat hierarchies
  • through focused action


  • about packaging: Tetra Edge small with Helicap
  • on trend developments in the liquid food sector 
  • in all product areas
  • on novel processes and processing technology


  • with quick adaptation of products and processes
  • with effective solutions at an ideal price-performance ratio
  • with unique commitment of the employees


  • from co-packing to co-manufacturing
  • from service provider to consultant
  • from supplier to partner

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