SIG Combifit


SIG 345ml Combifit
SIG 250ml Combifit
SIG 200ml Combifit

Packaging sizes

  • 345ml
  • 250ml
  • 200ml

Opening variants

  • None or drinking straw
  • Screw cap: CombiSmart
  • Standard colors: white, cream, red, light blue, blue, dark green

Paper quality

  • Gravure printing with cylinder engraving
  • No coprint
  • FSC paper possible

Tray/box variants

345ml 250ml 200ml
3x9 = 27pcs suspenders tray 3x5 = 15pcs suspenders tray 3x5 = 15pcs wraparound tray
  3x9 = 27pcs suspenders tray  

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