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Stand-up pouches & Normal pouches

Stand-up pouches and normal pouches combine the flexibility and robustness of a foil packaging with the resealability of a bottle. When full, they can stand on a shelf; after use they can be folded flat and reduce waste. There are no limits to imaginative designs for the front and back. You can present your product in customised packaging that is modern, environmentally friendly and convenient for your customers. Whether milk for cats or fruit compotes, the stand-up pouch gives your product an attractive, contemporary look.


  • As flexible as your products
  • Perfect for on the go
  • Hot and cold filling available
  • Robust packaging prevents leakages
  • Hygienic screw-cap solution
  • Attractive for all age groups
  • Light before use - flat after use
  • Simple storage

For more information on our pouches, please download the datasheet here.