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Tetra Pak 1.000 ml Edge

Paper quality:

  • Flexoprocess or NexFlex Select
  • Coprint 5 webs/ 5 designs
  • FSC paper

Screw cap:

  • LightCap

Cap colours:

  • Standard: white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, dark blue, dark green
  • Special: brown
  • All colours also available as organic-cap


  • 3x4= 12th open tray
  • 2x4 = 8th or 3x4= 12th wraparound tray

Open trays can be shrinked with foil
Tray sticker on one side, dimensions 50x50mm or 70x70mm

For more information on the Tetra Pak 1.000 ml Edge, please download the datasheet here.